How is the weather in Autumn?
How many excursions are included?
Usually we have amazing summer weather in September, however we recommend bringing warm jacket/pants as temperatures always drop down after the sunset.
In October temperature normally doesn´t drop below 20˚C during daytime, it is still warm and pleasant.
In November, however, there is high chance of occasional raining. Despite of that, there are plenty of sunny days, average temperature is 17˚C.
We do not include excursions in our packages but you can add them for an extra fee.
We offer an amazing historic experience with our favorite local guide Ivo, who knows all that hidden from tourists paths, Medieval tails and fascinating facts about Óbidos.
«esides, you can go to Nazaré - a must-see for anybody visiting Portugal in Autumn: it was listed on the Guinness World Records for the biggest waves ever surfed (up to 30 meter waves!).

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